Deladier Almeida  

Birch Creek by Deladier Almeida
Birch Creek
Oil on canvas
20.00" x 20.00"
Cardiformia I by Deladier Almeida
Cardiformia I
Oil on Linen
36.00" x 24.00"
Fluvial Character by Deladier Almeida
Fluvial Character
Oil on canvas
48.00" x 36.00"
Pienza by Deladier Almeida
Oil on canvas
22.00" x 34.00"

About Deladier Almeida

Painter Deladier Almeida is renowned for his gestural, expansive aerial landscapes. In his masterful compositions, everyday moments of rural California are transformed into mesmerizing passages of color and shape. His study at the University of California, Davis, alongside acclaimed Bay Area artists Wayne Thiebaud and Ronald Petersen, continues to inform his painting. Almeida’s work marries the restrained quality of Theibaud’s sleek style with Petersen’s more expressive brushwork, while also evoking other Bay Area greats such as David Park, Elmer Bischoff, and Richard Diebenkorn. Select exhibitions include the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Caldwell Snyder gallery in San Francisco, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the Campton gallery in New York City, the Bennington Center for the Arts in Vermont, and the Albemarle Gallery in London.


Artist Statement

Out of the fluid life of these fields, constantly evolving to serve the agricultural needs of many, a visual pattern of recurring elements emerges. Fields of crops and their edges of separation; the arteries that feed these crops and carry away their product; the shapes of water; the shadows of trees. It has been my challenge and delight to read and reflect in paint, arrangements of these recurring elements, recombining them in formal compositions as a writer recombines the building blocks of a common language. The resulting narrative on canvas is a departure and an extrapolation of the landscape which, in simplifying it, dignifies it and reveals its essence.